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When: 17th -21st July, 2015
Where: Cultural-educational touristic centre “Ethnomir”, Kaluga region, Russian Federation
Deadline for submitting applications: 31 May 2015


Interested candidates from the Russian Federation are invited to fill in an online application form up to 18h00 on the 31st of May:

All candidates from the European Cultural Convention member states (other than the Russian Federation) should apply by filling in the online application form available at before the 31st of May 2015.

The aim of the International Youth Camp Dialogue 2015 is to foster appreciation of cultural diversity among participants and to empower young people to play an active role in the development of intercultural dialogue in their communities. 


●     To explore and understand Intercultural Dialogue and cultural diversity as concepts and group processes;

●     to develop competences of participants in the field of Intercultural dialogue;

●     to provide tools for multiplication and development of intercultural dialogue in local communities

●     To share experiences and review opportunities for positive change in local communities by contributing to development of Intercultural dialogue;

●     To identify possible directions and strategy of work in the field of development of intercultural dialogue in the realities of participants;

●     To foster networking among participants and motivate potential leaders and multipliers to engage in promotion of intercultural dialogue on local communities;

●     To create space for cultural expression and creativity.

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Where: European Youth Centre Budapest, Hungary
Deadline for submitting applications: 28 May 2015

The aim of the Youth Peace Camp is to engage the young people and youth organizations from conflict affected regions, in dialogue and conflict transformation activities based on human rights education and intercultural learning during and after the camp.
The main objectives (personal, organisational and institutional) of the Youth Peace Camp are:
•    To develop awareness and competences (knowledge, skills and attitude) of participants in human rights education, conflict transformation, intercultural learning and dialogue, including a critical understanding of personal and collective identities and their role in conflicts.
•    To share among participants their personal experiences of conflict and violence and their coping strategies in a positive and safe atmosphere of living and learning together.
•    To learn from existing youth work practices and experiences of young people working on dialogue and conflict transformation in their home communities.
•    To motivate and support participants in their role as multipliers and peer leaders in peace building activities with young people encouraging them to implement follow-up initiatives.
•    To introduce the Council of Europe, in particular its youth sector and its efforts towards strengthening youth work in the field of conflict transformation and intercultural dialogue.
For this year's peace camp, particular attention will be given to the International Day of Peace on 21 September.

Disclaimer: Please note that regarding all applicants’ personal data the provisions of Regulation CM (89)70 on a data protection system for personal data files in the Council of Europe, as approved by the Committee of Ministers on 11 April 1989, will apply.

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