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Please note that in case of certain courses your application is valid only together with a support-letter from your organization.


When: 18-20 November 2015
Where: Strasbourg, France
Deadline for submitting applications: Sunday 30 August 2015 (midnight CET)

Freedom vs control: For a democratic response

The 4th edition of the World Forum for Democracy will engage with decision-makers and opinion-formers in a reflection on how to maintain a balance between freedom and control for security in European societies and will explore new ways of engaging young people in re-visioning the democratic arenas of today.


All candidates must apply in 2 parts:

  1. An online application form should be completed via this link: 
  2. A short 1 minute video should be posted on YouTube, with the link attached to the online application form (see instructions below).

The application form must be submitted on-line before Sunday 30 August (midnight CET), together with a support letter from your NGO/sending organisation.

Instructions on  how to upload a Youtube video and content info


When: 19-22 October 2015 / 19-22 octobro 2015
Where: European Youth Centre Budapest / Europako Ternengo Centro Budapesta
Deadline for submitting applications: 20 August 2015, at midnight Central European Time / 20 Augusto 2015, dzi pe dopash rachi pala Centralno Europaki Vrama

A Council of Europe conference to discuss current Roma youth issues and future policy orientations for the participation and inclusion of of Roma youth

E Europakere Konsiloski konferencija vash diskusija pala e terne Romengere butja thaj avutne orientacije pe politika vash e terne Romengiri participacija thaj inkluzija

When: 29 September – 2 October 2015
Where: European Youth Centre Budapest, Hungary
Deadline for submitting applications: 24 August 2015

Aim and Objectives

The training Course aims to develop the competence of staff to integrate a Human Rights based approach within the educational programmes of individual centres participating in the Council of Europe Quality Label project

Objectives of the training course

  • To enhance the knowledge of participants of the Youth Department Quality Standard for Human Rights Education and Youth Work;
  • To enhance participants competences to engage in Human Rights Education within the context of the programme of activities of their youth centre, using the available tools of the Youth Sector;
  • To identify possibilities to associate the educational programme of the Labelled Youth Centres to the Educational programme for Human Rights, Democratic Citizenship and Intercultural learning of the Youth Sector of the Council of Europe.
Disclaimer: Please note that regarding all applicants’ personal data the provisions of Regulation CM (89)70 on a data protection system for personal data files in the Council of Europe, as approved by the Committee of Ministers on 11 April 1989, will apply.

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