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Application form: Training of Trainers in Human Rights Education with young people 2019 / 2020


The training course will support the implementation of the Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education through building the competences of trainers to develop and apply quality human rights education activities with young people at national/local levels and to advocate for the further mainstreaming of human rights education in youth policy and youth work.


1.  To enable participants to work with the EDC/HRE Charter in their organisational and institutional contexts

2.  To strengthen participants’ understanding of the key concepts of human rights education with young people;

3.  To strengthen essential competences for trainers working with human rights education in non-formal learning settings based on using and adapting Compass;

4.  To analyse current developments and trends in human rights education in order to mainstream it in youth policy and youth work;

5.  To contribute to the development of networks of trainers on human rights education with young people;

6.  To enable participants and their organisations to further develop and implement human rights education with young people.

The application form must be submitted on-line with the support letters before 23:59 (CET), 24 November 2019

More info: Call for applications document

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