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Application form: Training course on Council of Europe Standards and Approaches to Combating Hate Speech


 Aim and objectives

The training course aims to strengthen the competences of multipliers and advocates in the youth and Human Rights field to promote the Council of Europe standards and approaches to addressing hate speech, with a specific focus on counter and alternative narratives through human rights education.


  • To improve the understanding of Council of Europe standards and approaches in order to ensure a comprehensive approach to combating hate speech within a human rights framework.
  • To clarify the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders in society in combating hate speech, notably local and national authorities, equality bodies/ombudspersons, youth organisations and other NGO’s and promote a multi-stakeholder engagement.
  • To build capacity in using Human Rights Education approaches and methodologies to prevent and address hate speech.
  • To explore the current realities, challenges and achievements in relation to addressing hate speech.
  • To learn about the practices and tools to address hate speech such as: media literacy, counter and alternative narratives, advocacy and redress mechanisms.
  • To associate the participants closer to the programmes of the Youth and Anti-Discrimination Departments of the Council of Europe, notably the Youth for Democracy programme and the work of the No Hate Speech and Cooperation Unit.

The application form must be submitted on-line with the support letters before 23:59 (CET), 12 February 2020 .

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