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Application form: Training course "GENDER EQUALITY IN YOUTH WORK"



The training course will build capacities of multipliers, notably youth workers and youth leaders, to introduce gender equality standards and practices in their organisations and activities and to advocate for changes that support gender equality based on Council of Europe standards, approaches and tools as reflected in the Toolkit on Gender Equality in youth work. More specifically the programme of the course will enable participants to:
1. Understand, explore and discuss gender equality as a concept inherent to human rights and democracy applicable to everyday life and all dimensions of youth work
2. Know, make use of and advocate for the implementation of Council of Europe standards and instruments on gender equality
3. Recognise patterns of gender inequality in their organisations and to develop approaches to address and change them
4. Develop and apply approaches and strategies for gender equality in and through youth work based on the Council of Europe Toolkit on Gender Equality in youth work
5. Advocate and for effective gender equality in youth work and in society at large.

NB: The training course is prepared on the assumption that sanitary conditions will allow for a residential training course at the European Youth Centre. The Council of Europe will adapt the course methodology and scope where appropriate and as a result of restrictions resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The application form must be submitted on-line with the support letters before 23 August 2020, 23:59 PM (CET)

Detailed info: Call for applications document

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