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Application form: Seminar "Artificial Intelligence: How can youth take part?"


The call for Participants for the Seminar " "Artificial Intelligence: How can youth take part?" " is now open.

The seminar is positioned within a wider framework of different steps already taken by the Council of Europe for making the link between AI and democratic citizenship. Its role is to further transform the conclusions from the seminar on AI and young people, by exploring issues, challenges and roles that potential stakeholders can have to secure the participation of young people in AI decision making processes at all levels. The seminar will providing space for learning and knowledge sharing among the participants and identifying concrete points for future actions. In this regard, it will also consolidate the work done so far by the Council of Europe in the field of AI and youth, and propose specific issues, actions and resources to be included in the policy, research, education and training work of the youth sector.

More information about the activity in the Call for Participants

Extended deadline for applications: 28 October 2020

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