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Aim and objectives

The training course is organised to develop the competences of 30 youth leaders to develop Roma youth participation projects and programmes at local and national level, with a concern for social inclusion, gender equality and combating antigypsyism. Its specific objectives include:
-    To share and deepen understandings, in theory and practice, of youth participation in a human rights framework and how it experienced by Roma young people across Europe;
-    To strengthen participants ability and confidence in applying principles of youth participation, human rights education, gender equality and combating antigypsysim with other young people;
-    To identify and explore enabling/disabling factors and barriers to Roma youth participation based on the personal experience of participants and the realities of their communities and organisations;
-    To support participants in developing or initiating projects or strategies for Roma youth participation at local and national level according to a double mainstreaming approach;
-    To support networking and cooperation among participants and their organisations, especially in view of strengthening youth-led Roma youth organisations and networks at national and European level

Detailed info: Call for applications document

Applications must be submitted by 19 September 2021. 

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