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Application form: Learning Together Online - Human Rights Education and Youth Participation for Euro-Arab Dialogue


 Aim and objectives

The online course promotes dialogue and mutual learning for youth leaders from the Council of Europe and League of Arab States on applying human rights education to address and improve youth participation and empowerment.

  • To strengthen participants’ understanding of key concepts of human rights education and youth empowerment in the context of Euro-Arab cooperation;
  • To explore the current realities, challenges and opportunities for applying human rights education in the Council of Europe and League of Arab states area;
  • To share and devise ways of improving youth participation and empowerment through human rights education at local and national levels;
  • To support exchange and mutual learning among youth leaders interested in Euro-Arab cooperation, notably by sharing the current obstacles and opportunities
  • To associate the participants and their organisations with the priorities and work of the Council of Europe’s Youth Sector and the League of Arab States notably in relation to the Euro-Arab youth fora.

For detailed information read the CALL DOCUMENT.

Interested applicants from the Council of Europe member states should apply online through the open application form on 

Applicants from the League of Arab States should apply through their Ministries responsible for youth.

The application form must be submitted on-line with the support letters before 23:59 (CET), 28 October 2020.

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