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Application form: Enter! Long-term Training Course for Youth Workers 2021-2022 / Formulaire de candidature: Formation Enter! pour travailleurs de...


The 4th edition of the Enter! LTTC is set out to be an example of European level youth worker training which contributes to the quality, access and diversity of youth work and its social and political role in addressing violence, discrimination and exclusion faced by young people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

The long-term training course comprises two intercultural residential seminars with a practice/project phase in between and supported by an e-learning programme, mentoring and networking opportunities. It will take place from August 2021 to December 2022. The LTTC is composed of several phases which all participants are required to follow:

  1. Preparatory phase, August -September 2021
  2. Training seminar 1, 7-14 September 2021 (working days), European Youth Centre Strasbourg
  3. Distance learning, and mentoring, September 2021 – September 2022
  4. Professional practice, September 2021 – September 2022
  5. Training seminar 2, Budapest, October 2022
  6. Closing phase, October-December 2022

Detailed information: Call for participants document


Formation Enter! pour les travailleurs de jeunesse

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Deadline for applications / Date limite:

25 July 2021,23:59 Central European Time / 25 juillet, 23:59 heure d’Europe centrale (HNEC)

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