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Application form: Seminar "Access to Rights for Young People"

Expert seminar on the measures to implement and disseminate the Recommendation on Access to Rights

Aim and objectives of the seminar

The seminar will identify and propose possible support measures for the implementation of the Recommendation CM/Rec(2016)7 on the young people’s access to rights.  The objectives of the seminar are:

  • To explore current situations where young people have limited access to rights, as well as responses to such situations;
  • To develop participants’ capacity to advocate for young people’s access to rights by using the Recommendation ;
  • To identify the possible roles that different stakeholders can have in the implementation of the Recommendation;
  • To make proposals for specific measures and activities for the implementation of the Recommendation and identify potential partners and roles;
  • To propose outlines of practical tools such as guidelines and indicators, which later can be used in the advocacy for young people’s access to rights.

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